some IScript cases

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some IScript cases

Postby Heinermann » Sat Aug 08, 2009 1:45 am

ISCRIPT_Anim_WorkingToIdle - End train, end upgrade, end research, Shield Battery, Infest Mine1
ISCRIPT_Anim_IsWorking - Train, upgrade, research, Shield Battery
ISCRIPT_Anim_SpecialState1 - Morph2(order), Morph, Zerg Birth, Medic Hold Position, Vulture Spider Mine, Medic Heal, Nuke Launch, Strafe Unit1, Build Self1, Tank Mode, Siege Mode, Sap Unit, Sap Location, Reveal Trap, Warping Dark Archon, Warping Archon, Zerg Build Self
ISCRIPT_Anim_AlmostBuilt - Zerg Place Building, Zerg Build Self, Build Self1, Build4, CHK THG2 section(disabled sprite-units)
ISCRIPT_Anim_WalkingToIdle - Medic Heal2, Build2
ISCRIPT_Anim_SpecialState2 - Tank Mode, Build Self1, Cancel Morph, Cancel Construction, Hide Trap, WPN_Behaviour_Persist_on_Target_Site
ISCRIPT_Anim_WalkingToIdle - Nuke Track, Repair1, Build4
ISCRIPT_Anim_Death - Nuke Track, many others
ISCRIPT_Anim_GndAttkToIdle - Repair1, Build4
ISCRIPT_Anim_Built - Spawning Larva, Place Building, many others
ISCRIPT_Anim_WarpIn - Warpin

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