BWAPI in South Korea?
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BWAPI in South Korea?

Postby drbrainheart » Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:47 pm

Have you tried to contact South Korean professional SC sites to try and switch for BWAPI? would be interesting. But this way i guess, stock starcraft terran would be overpowered. Matches would be pretty interesting.. It would be not much based on individuals but teams.. thought teams could be locked up without itnernet connection to develop their ai-s so they dont get outside help.

Mostly all races would have to be changed somewhat. at least, due to many spells being singleshot kills, things would be kinda weird. But if you put it all together.. Terrans kick the hardest, if one on one. their ghosts... they disable all powerfull protoss with a single shot. the comsat, helps to precisely aim attacks of devastating kind, with basic sc, you can have comsat farms,, all of it would recharge while addon not connected, small one on one maps would have no place to hide or surprise attack a terran AI basicly. siege tanks devastate archons,, missile turrets take down shuttles, along with ghosts. Protoss have no way to pass throug a barricade, mabe except disruption web, but only one can be cast at most.. because ghosts take am down pretty fast. Injured protoss will remain injured, although faster building of town, howeer, where the new town goes, there goes the hit, where the large army of protoss goes away from there ghoes the small nuke squad.
Zerg gets there arse irradiated, and whatnot.. all the ovies are spotted, and taken down regularly, slowing there economic adventage, if not, then they have to build thick walls of defense,, wich slows their economy. Although hydralisks are pretty neat agaisnt science vessels, then they get the free-radiate. Terran ai pawns all. mabe it stand a chance against terran. If you increase map size and number of expoes.. then in such a case only the economic adventage of other two species can give them something, or perhaps if increasing only resources dramatically. Still, their moving army will be taken down, again and again, till they run out of staff.. not sure about ratioes. mabe recalled scouts or something fast,, but its ridiculous, some units will be lsot to siege tanks, so if they use air unit, then scouts,, or carriers.. carriers might be taken down (at least oneby walk depleted wraith).
zerg however can take down siege tanks with broodling kidna easily, so allied play of protoss zerg vs terran terran can work. basicly Zerg is much like queen against tanks, battle cruisers are no go, dark archon counters them. although turrets can be placedwell in front of tanks sorta.. still some queen will get in. likely less will die. however, the anty carrier wraith plus valky mixture can be also there. ultralisk fine, but with massdrop, its kinda expensive, (ultra can be blocked offf by blokade). def lurker is piece o crap, basicly a movable tower, wich have to be set up well beforehand. or an expensive cannon fodder.
guardian is something, but slow, can be spotted well beforhand.. then there goes the irradiate. however allied play, protoss can be there, so harassing zerg with irradiates for cheapness is not so easy. However.. zerg can be allied to human,, or if two human allied, then one takes down pro, other the zerg (both have different upgrade for air or ground faster).
zerg mutalisk is useless against protoss, too expensive, towers take it down. lurker is useless against everything except when defending. Zerg can earlyattack protoss and finish it with basic things all the time provided short distance. that is, the first zergling rush, will slow things down, cause some losses, and the subsequent lings joining will finish the "job". If not so, then hydra kills many things, while zealots must get closer,, and the lurkers are behind. reaver, however, have to be dealt with mutalisks.. only use here. defilers can weaken strong defenses for mutalisks. plague and units are cripled, it has quite long distance. goons are weak against muta.. corsairs and i think scouts not so much. but there are hydras for this. only the reaver problematic, all spellcasters can be quickly decapacitated by feedback.. i dont remember ranges though, but archons have less positions then zerg spellcasters. so spellcasters should be used with care. parasite, is kinda early so from 2 underlings, 4 or 5 psis likely bugged. they will go away, or i dont know if merge to archon (but in such a case those units are killed, if they remain on base, parasite goes on. ling can controll expo, so parasite goes on. more directions for the zerg, and more information for the zerg, easier to place plagues well. dark archons are faked, but this can be taken down by ensnare.. queens can be held under limits, so they are not instakilled, but this way cant cast broodling such a queen. Also for one dark archon, possibility for one reaver is lost, for one kill of dark archon in attack, the archon is lost. i dunno, mabe zerglings are usefull here, to obstruct movement, coupled with hydras... this would have to be calculated. overall, because of parasites, and such, zerg can criple some bases and units, or attack weaker. buta dark archon takes down 5 caster except if receives an unlikely surprise blow,, or if the casters refrain from having high energies, kept (in wich case broodling is likely out of play, and perhaps plague too, but plauge have longer then feedback range, perhaps broodling as well slightly.). but reaver can be damaging. things will go down to costs.
airmap... i dont know, zerg wins, early expo, guardians plus whatnot, plus queen. arbiter might cause trouble, with stasis field on attacking units, defenders can be dark achons, wich take shit down. and where no queen (or not much of it) there goes scouts a few corsairs and arbiter stasis. still as ever, zerg has information on most new expos of airmap, and because of early zerg expo, compared to pro, mutalisks can be acquired quickly, so protoss expo, have little to nothing to defend with, can prevent protoss expoes, goons have explosive damage muta is small.
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Re: BWAPI in South Korea?

Postby krasi0 » Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:35 pm

Maybe I misunderstood you but... making a good SC AI is not an easy task. Even with so much know-how avail (open source bots, tutorials, etc.) the current bots hardly go beyond D / D+ . I am not sure it depends that much on which nation works on the bot - Koreans or another country... But if you're interested on working on AIs, check the other forum -

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