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PyMS Update

Postby Heinermann » Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:46 pm

I'll be updating PyMS a little. I'll be going through some of the topics and addressing any bugs and features that should be implemented.
It will still use Python 2.5.


Update here:


Code: Select all

  - set_randomseed now takes a dword parameter instead of two word parameters
  - Fixed a bug where unchecking a checkbox in the Units tab did not save correctly.
  - Labelled several unknowns.
  - Fixed a misinterpretation of the unknown in techdata.
  - Added AI Actions flags.
  - Removed unused availability flags.



  - Fixed an error that prevented saving.
  - Fixed an error that prevented loading some graphics.
  - Fixed an error involving some actions when "Show Preview" was unchecked.
  - Fixed several errors for when the user deselects all entries.






  - Fixed an bug on first run where the font paths were incorrect.



Edit: Python 2.5 or later and PIL are both required dependencies for running these source files.

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