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SC Revolution mod on 1.16.1

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:28 pm
by RavenWolf
I recently update my mod to be compatible with Broodwar 1.16.1 version.
This mod combine some aspects of SC2 and other crazy stuff that i think that can fit in the SC universe. Im also try to add more realism to some aspects of the game keeping the balance and strategy.

The mod is still a work in progress. Im planning to add more units/abilities/graphs in future versions.

Here is the proyect page on modDB.

Im also planning to make a campaing some day.

Feel free to post yours oppinions/suggestion/critics here or in the modDB page.


Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:56 pm
by Taranok
Seems like SC2 for SC1... But I'll try it. :)

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:59 pm
by Hercanic
Many of your plugin edits sound interesting. Downloaded, will be playing.

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:36 am
by Hercanic
Just tested the Zerg. I really like how thorough the Baneling's options are, able to attack, sap a location, or detonate outright (even while burrowed). The Guardian's new attack is monstrous, confusing AI targetting just like Interceptors. Love it! =o) Though you might want to lower the volume of the Broodling's death sound, or edit the iscript to only play it every so often, because a fleet of Guardians become very noisy while attacking.

Is this multiplayer-compatible? I ask because some changes, like increasing the Roach's base armor, seem like they're DAT memory edits (if it isn't, how'd you do this?).

Oh, if you Infest a Command Center, while lifted off the second button is a grayed-out Baneling.

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:30 pm
by RavenWolf
I didnt edit any DAT file dynamically, to make things like roach armor and firebats flametrhowers i just use two different units, and when the upgrade is done I just change the unitId in the unit structure. (this method only change unit stats like hp/shield, weapons, armor, and some properties like detector. It wont change other things like unit grp)

I have played some match with my friends on multiplayer, but in some matches one of the players was disconected, still dont know the causes.

Infested Command center isnt working (i forgot to remove the ability from the queen), im planning to make some ability like infestors in SC2 beta, where they can infest barracks and spawn some infested marines for a time.

I will take in count the broodlings death sound for the next version.
Thanks for the feedback!

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:20 am
by Hercanic
Very interesting that changing the unitID can do that.

I really love how Rally on minerals or gas will order newly trained workers to auto-mine. It makes building up your economy so much less tedious. The Zerg are a bit hampered, though, on account of everything spawning from the hatchery and having only one rally point.

Played the Protoss and Terran. I really like the Psi Rage concept and execution. What does the Sentry's Seismic ability do? It and other spells could use some descriptive text. I like how you added icons to explain a unit's passive abilities, though I thought they needed to be researched at first because they were grayed out. Overload is fun, and I like that you were able to do Chrono Shift. Curious, where did you get all these extra spells? Are you using the unused spell IDs?

The Firebat's upgrade that changes his damage from Concussive to Normal (had to really inspect the unit to figure this out) is very cool, giving the Firebat usage beyond an early game hard counter. I like how you solved Tech Labs and Reactors being swappable between buildings.

The inclusion of Extra Supplies is a breath of fresh air, though it only provides 2 more supply? Both Zerg and Protoss can quickly build up supply; if Extra Supplies gave more it'd mean less micromanaging workers to build up Terran supply. Visually, I'd recommend removing the addon bridge and moving its elevation above the Supply Depot so we can see it (with a graphic akin to what SC2 has).

I'm curious why you named the Stormraven so, rather than call it a Maurader, when most everything else is named after SC2 stuff (including pre-beta).

Idea: If you set an SCV to Patrol, it will auto-repair anything along its path.

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:54 pm
by RavenWolf
Now i dont have much free time, but i have a lot of thing that you said in my todo list (of course i need to test if there are possible to make)
-Separated rally points for zerg (one for worker and one for other units, and may be one for overlords)
-Rally points for zerg eggs
-Make a grp for the extra supplies, and make automatically build instead of having to select the place like other add-ons.
-Auto repair command for scv.

Extra Supplies give 4 more supply limit.

Seismic Shockwave its complicated, and im thinking on reworking it a bit. For now it affect a large AoE arround the sentry destroying any spider mine, forcing zerg units to unburrow (except for lurkers) and stun them for 3 seconds, and siege tanks in siege mode are forced to turn in normal mode. Also damage any building in a short AoE by 15% of they current hp.
The first motivation to make the ability was giving protoss a counter to spider mines builds and help with early detection against zerg. but not to strong to make lurkers useless.

Im thinking in changing the effect against zerg and removing the damage to buildings (maybe use that effect for other unit or ability).
-one option will be dealing small damage to burrowed units, enough to kill banelings and zerglings.
-the other one will be make burrowed units visible for a time. (excluding lurkers again in this one)

Stormraven use that name just because i havent find some good grp to make Maruders like SC2 and it seems right for a shock trooper infantry.
At first i tried to include some stuff from SC2, but seen that there are a lot of mods based on SC2, i may do some changes to units and try to make it more different. Stromraven is a unit that i might consider to rework.

At last, the extra spells are just based on other ones that fill the same requirements (range, mana cost, targeting flags). for example, to make the crhono boost i give the Scan ability to the nexus. (it fits the aspects of the spell because of the limitless range), so i check when the spell is cast, if was cast in a protoss building, i give the nexus the Nothing2 order, and set the variables needed to the target building to star working faster. if not, just assign the target to self (the nexus), and there comes the error msj because in sc no unit can target himself.

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:06 am
by Hercanic
Hm, has been on the fritz lately.

With changing the unitID, I assume it works on an individual level and you apply it to all units, correct? When you were testing and found you couldn't change the GRP, did anything happen such as a crash? Were there any other properties you confirmed as changable or unchangable, such as iscript, weapon projectile, button set, weapon/armor icon, portrait, sounds, AI, unit dimensions, flingy, etc? I'm wondering if there's a theme to what can and cannot change.

Hope you don't mind all these questions. UnitID swapping looks like it's the perfect solution to a problem I am facing in my own mod.

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:29 pm
by RavenWolf
Right, it works for individual units.
If you change the unit id with other unit, like change marine id with wraith, it will change the portrait, wireframe, soundset, weapons, armor, health. But the button set, grp, unit dimensions and the iscript will be the same of the marine, and the unit wont fly.
UnitId basically changes most of the aspects in the .dat like hp/shield, weapons, armor and armor upgrade, unit size, sight and acquisition range. Not sure about AI.
Supply requires/provided wont work and may cause a crash, because it gets checked when the unit its created or destroyed.
Some of the advanced properties can be changed too: detector, organic, robotic, mecha, regenerate and spellcaster works fine.
But flyer, perma cloack wont work. i assume because that ones gets active when the unit its created. I dont test all so i dont know about the rest.

But you can change other aspects with GPTP
Button set can be changed through the currentButtonSet var. One thing to take in mind for changing this, is that you have to use the id of a unit and not the buttonset id of the firegraft (if you want to give a zealot the corsair button set you need to set the currentButtonSet with the corsair id)
Flingy can be changed manually through the flingy acceleration/speed/stop/spinning vars.
I not sure (i tested some time ago), but i think changing the sprite var cause a crash.
Some kind of method to change the grp is to give the unit the order to cast some 0 cost spell, and in the castspell animation add an image with imgol. (i use this to make the energy effect around berserker zealots)

I hope you can use this information to solve your problem.