Entropy III v1.0 RC4 (Updated 2/19/10)

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Postby Archon_Wing » Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:02 pm

I think it's fine enough that they can edit it directly; if anything happens, it's just a matter of copying the individual scripts in the launcher back over.

edit: Ah, I never even told anyone what those 4 letter script codes stood for. :o I added some comments for the terran but not the others. Most should be pretty easy, but I'll just post it here, and maybe include it in the actual file whenever it gets updated again. The names are probably obvious to people that have been around but not everyone.

[spoiler]aclt: Accel Terran (Equalizer)
asht: Ashara Terran
esyt: Easychat Terran
mykt: Myk Terran
ract: Racine Terran
roct: Rocky Terran
rayt: Raynor Terran
unlt: Unleaded Terran
warh: WarHammer Terran (Derqua)
zldt: Zelduck Terran[/spoiler]
[spoiler]ASHP: Ashara Protoss
RAYP: Raynor Protoss
mykp: Myk Protoss
unlp: Unleaded Protoss
pabp: Panda Protoss
PEPP: Peppe Protoss
ZLDP: Zelduck Protoss[/spoiler]

[spoiler]ASHZ: Ashara Zerg
CNTZ: Avance Zerg (Counterzerg)
mykz: Myk Zerg
pabz: PAnda Zerg
racz: Racine Zerg
rocz: Rocky Zerg
RAYZ: Raynor Zerg
stoz: Unleaded Zerg (Storm Zerg)-- should really change to unlz
ZLDZ: Zelduck Zerg[/spoiler]

I'll also come up with a very small tutorial on how the thing actually works.
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Postby Archon_Wing » Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:24 am

Ugh, big problem here:

Cliff notes: BWAIlauncher/pyai removed unused labels, and apparently it either removesall the labels in the scripts that have unused labels or screws them up , causing scripts (mostly mine and probaly Accel T) to break. In those cases, all jumps and multiruns will fail, causing an inevitable crash when it tries to expand if it hasn't stopped already.

It doesn't matter if you do it in PYAI and make an exe or use BWAIlauncher.

To duplicate the fun in Entropy Multiplayer P, simply uncomment line 8246, and force the script to jump to Unleaded P-- stick goto(unlp:null) after line 19.

After all unused labels were commented out, the problem was resolved.

This does not happen in the individual script files-- only the entropy ones. Thus, it most likely has to do with external jumps; and is probably related to the issue with the validator not finding jump errors when more scripts were added.

EDIT: Mostly fixed. I'll get around to uploading a proper version later after I confirm nothing's gonna go wrong again. :/
edit2: I've uploaded the fixed files to BWAIlauncher, so you folks can try that out for now. Also the Protoss Multiplayer file has been cleaned up so it is a little more readable.
edit3: Ok, everything is good now. I'm just gonna leave this file here and come back in a month or two. Have fun!
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Postby hasherl » Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:16 pm

Big thanks for the fast fixes dude. Something bad happened @work and i have less time now, though i have some hope, that i can play around with the new scripts in the upcoming weeks.
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Postby Archon_Wing » Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:38 pm

@unused labels: I'll admit to being lazy and no longer actively validating things in PYAI, and just making sure they pass in BWAI launcher. That wasn't that great of an idea. I was really only updating the files to deal with the unplayable Entropy T issue but it let to a domino effect apparently.

Anyhow, I'll almost done here. The new table of contents+quicksearch in the latest multiplayer files will make it slightly easier for people to match the multiplayer script with the single script and actually edit the thing. Also the scripts have a bar separating them now. :lol:

The beginning of each multiplayer script looks like:
#Script IDs-- For quick search just search for #scriptid;
#searching for #mykz would take you to the Myk Zerg section
#ASHZ: Ashara Zerg
#CNTZ: Avance Zerg (Counterzerg)
#mykz: Myk Zerg
#pabz: Panda Zerg
#racz: Racine Zerg
#rocz: Rocky Zerg
#RAYZ: Raynor Zerg
#unlz: Unleaded Zerg

At first it may seem redundant to search like that, but it helps if you are in the middle of the txt file and need to go back and forth a lot. Unfortunately quite a few folks did not have a raw or labeled copy, Counterzerg/Rocky AIs/Ashara vHuman AIs being the most notorious and it can be a pain to go back to the start of those scripts. Not that I'm bitter or anything. :lol:

Menus: Shall we go back to the regular menus then?

Next Update (will be much later): Rename file to ("Entropy")

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