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Postby murph » Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:33 pm

Apparently farty1billion's EUD DB has the new Location Table offset.

I just re-compiled LocUnlockSource.zip with these steps:

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(1)  download it
(2)  unzip it to a folder
(3)  get the vcvars32.bat from your installation of visual C++,
     and put a copy of it in that folder
     (for example, on my windows7 laptop with vs2008 express installed,
     I found it in C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0VCbin)
(4)  open a DOS prompt in that folder and run vcvars32<enter>
(5)  then compile with the command line:
     cl /LD locunlock.cpp QDPlugin.def user32.lib version.lib
(5.1)it gives you some error about "redefinition; different type modifiers"
     go to line#409 in MPQDraftPlugin.h and insert "WINAPI" after the "BOOL"
     recompile again;  it should successfully create locunlock.dll
(6)  update the relevant lines (#142-#145) in locunlock.cpp with values from farty1billion.
     use 0x596818 for map dimensions
     the action table is still 0x512800
     make sure you use the 1.16.1 offsets!  just in case you didnt know that
     farty1billion has old version offsets listed in his EUD DB too.
(7)  also change the lines #118,#141, which are checking for Brood War version
     "if (!strcmp(version, "1.15.3"..."
     Replace one of those strings with "1.16.1" so it'll allow version 1.16.1.
(8)  test the newly compiled plugin* out and let us know if it works!
*oh yeah - make sure you RECOMPILE the dll again AFTER actually making the offset updates.  And use that one
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Postby bajadulce » Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:08 pm

murph wrote:...I just re-compiled LocUnlockSource.zip with these steps:

poiuy_qwert wrote:... I'm releasing the source of LocUnlock v2 for others to reference. Have fun!
Did anyone happen to save this (LocUnlockSource.zip)? I am very interested in revisiting again, but can't seem to locate this.

Looks like Google says we had it at one time:
LocUnlock.zip @ Google

more trippy google bot saves[/spoiler]Nevermind lol! :lol: Good ole google bots! Shows it as attachment #1346 on those above bot links :)

http://www.broodwarai.com/downloads/bwa ... Source.zip

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