How to Get Started making your own AI...
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How to Get Started making your own AI...

Postby GenFrogKing » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:15 pm

Hello World...

I'm new, fresh, green... whatever you want to call it. I've modded games like supreme commander, empire at war, and homeworld 2 before; I've also made a few simple games using gamemaker8 and am currently trying to learn Unreal Engine or Unity to start making my very own RTS (the genre of game I love the most!); and have tried my hand at various AI construction using racine AI pack in the past. I'm not a complete noob at these things; at least, I hope not. :) However, I've only recently discovered this website and it's materials.

I wish to create my own AI using the BWAPI and enter the tournaments. I don't know where to start, though. My hope is that this forum will not only service me, but also the other noobs out there who want to start making AIs using the same tools. I'm reading around like crazy, and will post what I find that is useful.

These are the primary questions I wish to have answered in this forum:
Does anyone else know where a good place to start making AI would be?
How do you enter into the AI competitions?
What are the best AI tutorials?
What are real good examples (Overmind, skynet, etc.) of BWAPI usage and where do I download them?

Any and all help is appreciated. Thx

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Postby Heinermann » Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:54 pm

Do you know C++? You can write in other languages, but I'm going to cover those who know C++ in this post (mainly because I don't keep track of the interfaces for other languages).

If you know C++ you can get started with Visual C++ 2008 Express SP1.
If you have that, then download BWAPI and open the ExampleAIModule.
You should be able to compile that "as is", toss the compiled DLL in your "Starcraftbwapi-dataai" folder and set the path in "bwapi.ini".

Run Starcraft with BWAPI.dll using chaoslauncher or another loader to verify that it's working correctly.
If so, then you can modify and rename the ExampleAIModule source code as much as you like. Though BWAPI lacks a lot of sample code, users have found it relatively easy to jump in and start writing a bot.
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Postby lowerlogic » Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:19 am

Several people have found BWSAL helpful. Check it out to see an example of how to write a build order manager, scout manager, worker manager, etc. It has been recently updated for BWAPI 3.6.1.

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