Couldn't find revision module (1914.dll)
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Couldn't find revision module (1914.dll)

Postby DeathEagle » Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:19 am

How does the new revision module load works?
I have downloaded the AI's/Bots from the StarCraft 2010 Competition page (
and wanted to try my AI against one of them. I have tried to add "ai_dll_rev = 1914" to the ini file, because the AI I found was using BWAPI 2.6.1. But when I run it through Chaoslauncher I get this error: Couldn't find revision module.... 1914.dll?

Should I have downloaded the BWAPI 2.6.1 and renamed one of the dll's to 1914.dll or how does it work?

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?

BWAPI 3.3Beta
bwapi-mono-bridge 3.3a
Windows 7 x64
Starcraft 1.16.1
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Postby Heinermann » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:53 am

In the latest revision, "Starcraftbwapi-datarevisionsinfo.txt" has some instructions.

Code: Select all

  - Download or compile the version of BWAPI that the AI dll uses.
  - Copy that revision's "BWAPI.dll" to the "bwapi-datarevisions" folder.
  - Rename that revision's "BWAPI.dll" to the revision number ("####.dll" or "####d.dll" for debug).
  - Specify the revision in ai_dll_rev or ai_dll_#_rev in bwapi.ini.
  Example: I have BWAPI Beta 3.3 and want to run a RELEASE AI module for BWAPI Beta 3.1 (revision 2796).
         I download BWAPI Beta 3.1, copy "BWAPI.dll" to the "bwapi-datarevisions" folder and rename it to "2796.dll".
         I uncomment "ai_dll_rev" in the configuration and set it to 2796.
         I run BWAPI and it loads the older revision automatically.
  Also works with multiple instances, though not all revisions are compatible.
  Match a revision with a released version below.


3347      BWAPI Beta 3.4
3163      BWAPI Beta 3.3
2917      BWAPI Beta 3.2
2864      BWAPI Beta 3.1.1
2796      BWAPI Beta 3.1
2639      BWAPI Beta 3.0.3
2635      BWAPI Beta 3.0.2
2630      BWAPI Beta 3.0.1
2627      BWAPI Beta 3.0
2422      BWAPI Beta 2.8
2239      BWAPI Beta 2.7.2
2224      BWAPI Beta 2.7.1
1914      BWAPI Beta 2.6.1
1910      BWAPI Beta 2.6
1830      BWAPI Beta 2.5
1689      BWAPI Beta 2.4
1610      BWAPI Beta 2.3
1491      BWAPI Beta 2.2
1416      BWAPI Beta 2.1
1400      BWAPI Beta 2

The latest revision also includes all the release binaries from BWAPI Beta 2.8 (2422.dll) to now.

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