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so basicly add some network ...

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:09 pm
by drbrainheart
... to scmdraft, basicly terminal shit, perhaps.. lemme calculate little bit later (for the movement and for the commands, and for the hp, then the player just gives command to the server. then add some more iscript play, create dat files of custom sort and we have starcraft with more players larger maps, and shit like this. This way limits expanded.. and all the most ai-es are compatible, a little bit of tinkering with BWAPI and there we go. We cant get the graphics without having starcraft anyway... so its not a problem.

Re: so basicly add some network ...

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:48 pm
by krasi0
Is this a suggestion or something you work on? Can you give out more details?

Re: so basicly add some network ...

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:38 pm
by drbrainheart
Nope. i was just peacefully modding starcraft on and off, setting up things here and there, and when i opened scmdraft, an intense realisation have occured to me: it actually have some animation playing upon deletion of units and handling of fog of war and such and whatnot. So mabe this thing is open source i was thinking, so then a few things to add and modify (only simple things.. not that anything would be so complicated anyway), and then we can get a new engine for the starcraft, where features are added easily. this can work on internet or hamachy network or i dont care similar shit. So then as the limit expansion have faild with the BWAPI, this method would surely succeed. However i have also noted that i have noted something like this quite some years ago.. people were all sceptical, and they have made major striteds later to hack the existing code into pieces instead. BUT scmdraft was already there actually.
The most hard part to add (wich is quite simple also) to add cloaking effect, actually an even better one, then the original. But people had not realized this, although many of them knew that others are working on different parts of starcraft modification (progarmming something to it as well). Actually there should be no problem as long as no commercial use.. but mabe not even then, because, it recquires starcraft graphics, or self-made graphics, plus starcraft itself have many ideas picked up from a wide variety of sources anyway.

Re: so basicly add some network ...

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:56 pm
by Heinermann
The author of SCMDraft won't be updating the program or releasing its source.

SCMDraft itself only emulates the in-game graphics which are less than 10% of the actual game itself. "Basically add some networking" is probably the easiest part. You could even simply use the Storm API to connect with players. But after networking you still have nothing.

You need pathfinding.
You need bullets.
You need a proper GUI for connecting with other players.
You need units (the units themselves, and their behaviours, not just their sprites)
You need to emulate all of the following:
- 188 (minus a few) individual game orders.
- 35 unit movement states.
- 25 Weapon procedures/types
- 10 weapon behaviours
- The remaining iscript opcodes that SCMDraft DOESN'T emulate
- 18 image drawing procedures
- About 70 network commands (minimal)

This is of course completely excluding all of the following: Battle.net, computer AI, map triggers, forces/teams, game types, replays

I'm 100% sure that I haven't even covered everything.

Re: so basicly add some network ...

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:04 pm
by drbrainheart
y do you have to emulate all these? i dont find it necessery. the behaviour of units is fairly simple. pathfinding is needed due to better pathfinding in bwapi needed anyway. bullets are not an issue. well i will use a proper gui. just draw some pretty pictures, and then its the thing to click on. im saying.. all these people individually (more or less) working on starcraft hacking. I did not spend much time. but for the other project you could have counted on me. then it would have been U, Me, DofA and that guy who makes cheats for starcraft. The thing would have been finished long ago. I dont know what Shadowflare would thing, 'She' did not answer. Well Guess 'She' would be in (never specified gender). then its 4 person minimum, plus LL. would have been finished long ago. Bajadulce have picked up on assembly quick so.. thing could have been better.
Still there might be some time to create some thing.